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Rick Adams

Founder & CEO of PracticalCSM

For many people the world feels like it has been turned upside down over the past few weeks, and everything is up in the air – jobs, health, social events, and much more. As a result of all this turmoil, many people are either working remotely from home with time on their hands, or worse still have lost their income stream, and are looking to retrain and upskill in an up-and-coming profession that can be accomplished remotely and that is still growing and still employing new people even in these difficult times. is pleased to announce a FREE 2 hour online virtual training workshop for busy professionals, run by our CEO and founder Rick Adams.

This workshop has been run many times and received very high reviews from attendees. It will cover the basics of what a business β€œis” and how it generates value. It explains business capabilities, customer segments and value propositions and it examines business planning, change management and the fundamental principles of business success. The event includes a student guide to take away and use afterwards.

  • Why do Businesses Exist?
  • Value Creation and Business Capabilities
  • Customer Segments and Value Propositions
  • Drivers for Change
  • Business Planning
  • Principles of Business Success


Very clear, concise and well explained examples and exercises.

Rick was super engaging and the class was upbeat.

Simple approaches for incremental improvement.

Rick covers a lot of ground in a short session, while being highly responsive to group chat activity.

This proves that he is well-versed in the subject matter, as well as an engaged presenter.

This is the best business training course I have ever attended.
  • Thursday 30th April 2pm GMT (3pm CET, 9am EST, 6am PCT)
  • Tuesday 12th May 7pm GMT (8pm CET, 2pm EST, 11am PCT)
  • Friday 29th May 2pm GMT (3pm CET, 9am EST, 6am PCT)
  • Tuesday 14th April 7pm GMT (8pm CET, 2pm EST, 11am PCT)
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