Customer Success Basics Course

(formerly: Customer Success Fundamentals)

Are you new to Customer Success Management? Do you need to get up to speed quickly on the basic principles of what Customer Success Management is and how it works? If so this online self-study course is perfect for you!

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About this Course

Customer Success Basics Course

Welcome to our Customer Success Basics Course training program, aimed specifically at people who do not fully understand the basics of what Customer Success Management is or how it works, and who want to quickly grasp the fundamental principles of Customer Success Management without spending a whole lot of time or money to do so.

This Course will provide answers to the following questions:

  • What is Customer Success and why is it important?
  • Who is Customer Success important to?
  • What is Customer Success Management?
  • What types of sales situations does Customer Success Management apply to?


  • How can Customer Success Management help to increase a company’s sales revenues?

It will also name and describe in detail fourteen tenets (or principles) of good Customer Success Management that will set you up with a detailed understanding both of what the CSM (Customer Success Manager) does and how they go about doing it.


Rick Adams

CEO & Founder of Practical CSM

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Customer Success Fundamentals Online Course

  • Eleven Lessons in full multimedia audio and video
  • ​High quality production for enjoyable experience​
  • Bookmark progress and complete over time
  • ​Two downloadable workbooks for offline study
  • Case study based exercise to embed the learning
  • 15 question test to ensure comprehension
  • ​Badge of completion to document your success

What does the “Customer Success Basics” training program cover?

The “Customer Succes Basics” training program covers the basics of Customer Success Management. It provides a simple but effective grounding in what the term “Customer Success” actually means, what value the process of Customer Success Management brings to both the customer and the supplier, and what types of activities CSMs (Customer Success Managers) get up to in their day-to-day work.

Who is the “Customer Success Basics” training program for?

The “Customer Success Basics” training program is aimed at people who have little or even no direct previous experience in a CSM role, but who are interested either in becoming a Customer Success manager or in taking on some of the tasks and responsibilities of Customer Success Management within their existing customer facing role.

Does the “Customer Success Basics” training program provide training in Customer Success Management?

Absolutely! This is exactly what the “Customer Succes Basics” training program covers. Of course it is just a “basics” course, so it only provides an overview, which is perfect as an initial course from which to learn the basics. For those who wish to go deeper, we also offer Basic and Full certification programs. Please review our website or contact us for more details.

If I purchase the “Customer Success Basics” training program, am I guaranteed to find a job?

No. The “Customer Success Basics” training program will provide you with the knowledge you need in order to know what Customer Success Management is and what Customer Success Managers do in order to help their customers attain value. This is not sufficient on its own to get you a job as a CSM. What we can say is that we are very confident that the advice and guidance we provide is very useful and relevant to those who are serious about finding work as a CSM.

Is the “Customer Success Basics” training program suitable for college graduates with little to no previous work experience?

Whilst college graduates are not the primary intended audience for this course, the “Customer Success Basics” training program should prove very useful to such graduates who aspire to become CSMs either straight away if possible or perhaps even in the short to medium term future.

Are there really any jobs going for CSMs at the moment?

Yes. We can say for certain that at the time of writing this FAQ guide (September 2020) there most definitely are both junior and senior Customer Success Management vacancies being offered that need to be filled. However it is also true to say that as with most if not all professions, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a short term drop in the numbers of vacancies being advertised. We expect that ultimately the numbers of vacancies will bounce back very strongly, since Customer Success Management has been one of the professions that has been of great help for many companies during this pandemic crisis, and has therefore increased in prominance and importance within many companies.

I live in (insert your country) – are there any Customer Success Management vacancies in my country or region?

Whilst Customer Success Management vacancies were originally almost entirely based in the Silicon valley area of California, this is most definitely no longer the case, and there are thousands of Customer Success managers employed in a very wide variety of countries throughout North and South America, Europe, Russia, Africa, India, the Middle East, the Far East and Australia.

If I do not get a job can I have my money back?

No. We cannot guarantee that this course on its own will be enough to get you a CSM job offer. In fact we know for sure that it is NOT enough on its own. You need to have the right personality, and the right knowledge skills and experience, and you also need to be good (or to get good) at promoting yourself and at applying for and attaneding job interviews. Our course provides ytou with a basic foundational understanding of the role of Customer Success Management, but we cannot possibly know whether you are the right person for a CSM role in the first place. You must decide that.

What do you get in our Customer Success Basics Course?

Our Customer Success Basics Course provides you with a solid foundation in Customer Success Management principles and best practices. It will take you through the entire post-sales customer journey from initial research through to engagement evaluation. Everything is explained fully and clearly, and you are always in control of the pace you wish to learn at.
Eleven Lessons in full multimedia audio and video
High quality production for enjoyable experience
Bookmark progress and complete over time
Two downloadable workbooks for offline study
Case study based exercise to embed the learning
15 question test to ensure comprehension
Badge of completion to document your success
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Corporate Testimonials

Case Study & Testimonial from Intellishift Trailer

Case Study & Testimonial from Intellishift Full Version

Customer Success Training, Certification & CPD Testimonial from Talkwalker

Semperis - logo

Dov Mendelovich
VP Global Customer Success

I looked for a one-stop-shop for certification and for online training, that people can consume in their own time at their own pace, while I as a manager of the organization can track their progress, and I found that very easy to do with

I would recommend as a very good starting point for a new Customer Success Organization. The materials are built in a logical order and it provides a very good starting point to teach newcomers to the organization, and to build a common language and common terminology, both inside our organization and actually shared across the CS community.

Dinu Ionescu
VP Operations

“We selected the Practical CSM Academy because we needed a training solution that would provide team members with a better understanding of the role, processes, and best practices within the Customer Success profession and that would help us to develop their skills.

The feedback so far from my CS team has been great; everyone likes it and we have already obtained a lot of value from the program.”

Brittany Shaw
Director of Customer Success

“Practical CSM was recommended to me by multiple contacts within my Customer Success network. We did our due diligence in selecting a training platform, and the in-depth study, accompanying textbook, and the broad application of Customer Success beyond SaaS were clear winning factors for us.

Having completed all modules and final exams, I can now say that the program met and exceeded all of my expectations. I have thoroughly enjoyed the content ad I would not hesitate to recommend it to other CS leaders.”

Sreeram Warrier
Customer Engagement Executive
SAP India Pvt Ltd

“The Certified CSM Professional (CCSMP) program is a great certification for anyone that cares about customer success. For those who are already in a CSM role it both sharpens and proves their tools and skills, whilst for non-CSMs it provides the necessary foundation for moving into the profession.

The key differentiator is Rick Adams’ knowledge of and passion for Customer Success, and his ability to explain difficult topics and to connect with his students. This is one certificate I am truly proud of, and I will be hanging it on my wall for all to see!

Michael Rivisto
Senior Vice President Customer Success and Services

“We chose to go with Practical CSM as our training provider partly because of the fantastic reviews from others within the CS profession, partly because the content is the best out there, and partly because of the passion and excitement Rick and his team has for Customer Success and their commitment to training and supporting the next generation of CS leaders.

We had a number of requirements from the training and certification program, including to broaden the skillset of our current employees, to merge education concepts into real life working practices, to provide ongoing reference material to assist with difficult situations and to create a solid CS foundation for new hires.

Whilst it’s still very early days for us, we are very excited to be one of Practical CSM’s most recent customers and we look forward very much to measuring the results that we anticipate from the training that our team will be undergoing.”

Webeo - Logo

Will Pagden
Head of Customer Success

“ has revolutionised the way we work. The content is superb and really pushes all the CSMs to challenge themselves and work in a much more effective way. In particular I have seen a great improvement in the teams stakeholder management and we are turning a big corner in the value we are getting from each interaction with our customers.

I had scanned the market pretty hard, Rick’s professionalism and approach is what won it for me. The experience of purchasing and using the product has been a joy. I can pick up the phone and speak to someone to make suggestions of how it could be different and they listen and respond. Whilst there are other players in the field that offer “similar offerings” I struggled to find one that got close to PracticalCSM. The management dashboard and the ability to understand where my team were struggling has been a real game changer”

Individual Member Testimonials

The Academy is a very well organized learning platform, and the content is both easy to understand and enjoyable to use.

Tamara Garcia Ramos, Customer Success Manager, Bdeo

The platform is very easy to navigate, and the style and format of the video lessons is highly engaging.

Gereint Collier, Head of Client Success, ITGL

I would highly recommend the Practical CSM Academy to anyone who is looking for training and certification on Customer Success best practices.

Jayson Garcia, Customer Success Manager, OSIsoft

I’ve just completed my ‘Specialist’ certification on the Practical CSM Academy. Thank you for creating such a practical and useful platform for CS professionals.

Ankit Aggarwal, Customer Success Manager, LeadSquared

“I have just started following your “CSM Fundamentals” course and it is a joy. Thank you so much for making it! As a new CS professional, I find it invaluable. I was beginning to lean towards DevOps but now I am going to continue in Customer Success! :)”

Shubham Aggarwal, Customer Success Engineer, DevFactory

“This training program […Transition to Customer Success…] helped me understand how to present my existing skills and competencies for a customer success role, and the interview practice has made me feel more confident and relaxed going into real interviews.”

Sarah Hudspeth

“I have recently completed Level Two of the CCSMP program and I am really enjoying it – your way of teaching is excellent!”

Swati Choudhary, Customer Specialist, Edureka

“Always a good idea to consolidate on the fundamentals! Great certification program by Rick Adams and
Full steam ahead to becoming a Certified Customer Success Management Professional.”

Sowande Snagg, Channel Manager

This is a well thought out portal containing detailed training content – I would definitely recommend it for all CS teams.

Karan Chaudhary, Engagement Director,  Aodigy

“Finished the course “Customer Success Management Basics”! Thank you, Rick Adams, you explained customer success in an easy to understand way that makes your content simple to follow.”

Craig Davies, Customer Expert Specialist

First impressions… I gotta say – WOW it’s fantastic – love the production! Can’t wait to wrap myself up in the content!

Brenda Tinius, Cloud Migration Proj Manager, AWS

Customer Success Basics Course Includes:

Eleven Lessons in full multimedia audio and video
High quality production for enjoyable experience
Bookmark progress and complete over time
Two downloadable workbooks for offline study
Case study based exercise to embed the learning
15 question test to ensure comprehension
Badge of completion to document your success
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