Fundamentals of Customer Success Management

The basics of customer success management for busy professionals


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Rick Adams

Founder & CEO of PracticalCSM

For many people the world feels like it has been turned upside down over the past few weeks, and everything is up in the air – jobs, health, social events, and much more. As a result of all this turmoil, many people are either working remotely from home with time on their hands, or worse still have lost their income stream, and are looking to retrain and upskill in an up-and-coming profession that can be accomplished remotely and that is still growing and still employing new people even in these difficult times. is pleased to announce a 120 minute online virtual training workshop for busy professionals, run by our CEO and founder Rick Adams.

This workshop has been run many times and received very high reviews from attendees. It will cover the basics of what customer success β€œis” and how it benefits both customers and the supplier. It explains the role of the Customer Success Manager (CSM) and discusses the knowledge, skills and experience needed to be a good CSM. The event includes a student guide to take away and use afterwards.

  • What is Customer Success Management?
  • Why does Customer Success Management exist?
  • Defining the role of the Customer Success Manager
  • What knowledge, skills and experience are needed?
  • What outcomes do Customer Success Managers deliver?
  • The Practical CSM Framework


Enlightening in both content and approach

Rick clearly knows his subject and he speaks in a way that enables his class to understand the content

The guys were raving about the training

Rick is the creator and instructor of an amazing Customer Success training course

A unique blend of experience and theoretical knowledge that translate into a practical framework that can be used to guide customer engagements

  • Thursday 29th October 4pm GMT (5pm CET, 11am EST, 8am PCT)
  • Thursday 12th November 4pm GMT (5pm CET, 11am EST, 8am PCT)
  • Thursday 3rd December 4pm GMT (5pm CET, 11am EST, 8am PCT)
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