What will be the “New Normal” for Customer Success?

An in depth, panel based discussion amongst leading Customer Success experts

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June 25

3pm – 5pm UK
10am – 12pm ET
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A two hour, virtual conversation hosted by leaders of three of the world’s foremost Customer Success software and training providers:

Remco de Vries
Head of Marketing

Rick Adams
CEO & Founder

Philipp Wolf
CEO & Founder

Featuring a distinguished panel of five recognized experts from within the Customer Success community:

Irit Eizips
CSM Practice

Maranda Dziekonski
VP Customer Success
Swiftly, Inc

Kristi Faltorusso
VP Customer Success

Jay Nathan
Founder & Partner
Customer Imperative

Rav Dhaliwal
Investor & Partner
Crane Venture Partners

What will be the “New Normal” for Customer Success?

In the space of just a few months, COVID-19 has changed the entire world, and this is no less the case for the
Customer Success profession as for any other. Change is inevitable, and already, Customer Success teams around the
world have been working hard to adapt to the new situation and circumstances they find themselves in.

Perhaps some of these changes are temporary measures – coping strategies to deal with the sudden and unexpected
needs caused by a global pandemic. But it would be foolish to think that once the initial crisis is blown over things
will return to exactly how they used to be before the pandemic occurred.

So if there’s going to be change, and if there’s a going to be a response to this change to create a “new normal” then
what will this change look like, and what principles or focus points will it be built upon? These are the questions that
we will be asking and discussing during our two hour live event on 25 June 2020.


15 Mins

Welcome and Introductions

35 Mins

Topic 1: Process and Tools make for Productive and Effective CSMs

There’s a clear sliding scale when it comes to Customer Success team maturity. We’ll discuss how process and tools can streamline operations and maximize productivity.

35 Mins

Topic 2: Worry Less About Account Health and More About Customer Outcomes

It’s no longer sufficient to be focusing on what’s important for your own organization. In the “New Normal” CSMs must learn to focus on what’s important to their customers.

35 Mins

Topic 3: Customer Success is not Customer Support

“Now that we have hired our new CS team, we can finally downsize the support team” is what we often hear. We’ll chat about why that is fundamentally wrong.

05 Mins

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