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Rick Adams

Founder & CEO of PracticalCSM

For many people the world feels like it has been turned upside down over the past few weeks, and everything is up in the air – jobs, health, social events, and much more. As a result of all this turmoil, many people are suffering more than usual from the impact of stress. But stress is something that can be understood and can be managed. is pleased to announce a FREE two hour online virtual training workshop for busy professionals, run by our CEO and certified stress management consultant Rick Adams.

This workshop has been run many times and received very high reviews from attendees. It will cover the basics of what stress “is” and how it is caused, what happens when we undergo stress, and most importantly what we can do both to strengthen ourselves so that we can undergo stress with less harm and to reduce the amount of stress we undergo in the first place. The event includes a student guide and a free workbook to take away and use afterwards.

  • What is “stress”?
  • The impact of stress
  • Identifying stressors
  • Dealing with stress
  • Creating a stress management plan
  • Q&A


Perfect voice, content and actionable

Very interesting and down to earth treatment for this topic

Simple approaches for incremental improvement

A great session, helping to understand the different stressors and how to deal with them.

I love his teaching style with lots of interaction and the perfect balance of theory and practical use.

Good examples; enjoyed the interaction; workbook is very helpful
  • Friday 24th April 3pm GMT (4pm CET, 10am EST, 7am PCT)
  • Tuesday 28th April 5pm GMT (6pm CET, 12pm EST, 9am PCT)
  • Friday 8th May 3pm GMT (4pm CET, 10am EST, 7am PCT)
  • Wednesday 27th May 1pm GMT (2pm CET, 8am EST, 5am PCT)
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