Certification Oversight Committee

The Certified CSM Professional syllabus is based on the Practical CSM Framework, and it is overseen by our Certification Oversight Committee of six independent Customer Success profession leaders and subject matter experts, plus our own Founder and CEO Rick Adams.

Rick Adams

Founder and CEO PracticalCSM.com

Jayson Garcia

Director, Cloud & Managed Services Juniper Networks

Irit Eizips

Chief Customer Officer & CEO CSM Practice

Jason Noble

VP Global Customer Success
Vinli Inc

Jeff Sheehan

CX Consultant Independent Practice

Maranda Dziekonski

VP Customer Success Swiftly Inc

Kristi Faltorusso

VP Customer Success InteliShift Technologies LLC

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The syllabus is used to both to create the training content for each module within the training and certification program, and all of the questions both for the tests at the end of each module, and for the final, two part exam for attaining CCSMP status.
The committee’s role is to review the syllabus on a regular basis and agree additions and amendments to ensure it always stays fresh, up to date and relevant to the current needs of the CS profession. Changes to the syllabus are made by a majority decision within the committee, and are then passed through to the content development team. The content development team then make the appropriate changes to the content (including training materials and test/exam questions), and these are then published in due course for members to access.