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30-minute coaching call with the leading Customer Success recruiter

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Gain a competitive edge in your search for a new Customer Success role.

Finding the right role in Customer Success is tough and the job market can be incredibly difficult to navigate.

Even more so given the turmoil of 2020.

Understanding the market from a hiring managers perspective and honing your approach accordingly will make a major impact on how successful you are in achieving a new Customer Success position.

The objective of our coaching calls is to give you the insight and personalised feedback that makes a positive impact to your search and helps get you a great outcome.



The growth of the Customer Success profession has been astounding and it continues to grow at pace.

The last few years has seen a phenomenal number of new roles as the true value of retaining existing customers has come to the fore.

It’s a highly aspirational profession with many people looking to transition from other disciplines such as Sales, Project Management and more traditional Account Management.

Despite this growth, it’s still tough to find the right role, especially if you’re not moving directly from a Customer Success background.

Alan’s 23 years recruitment experience, including 12 helping SaaS companies build and scale CS teams enables him to offer unique, well rounded insight on what hiring companies want to see, how to stand out from the crowd, and the best way to structure your job search for maximum impact.

Each 30-minute coaching call is built around a framework that allows you to choose the four key areas that will best help you achieve your goals.

In addition, and with your approval you would then be registered to be considered for live roles being managed by the team at PIE.

The aim is to give you the focus, structure, and competitive edge over fellow job seekers that leads to you getting a great new CS role.


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