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Our Full Certified CSM Professional program is a complete training and certification package, based on the Practical CSM Framework and providing no less than four levels of professional certification within a structured roadmap of ten interactive, self-paced modules, with exams to prove professional competence.

Our members’ experience rests on our four core pillars of training: formal certification to prove competence at four levels, on demand training to learn what you need when you need, live instructor-led classes to enable interactive learning and our Successopedia that enables personalized access to our team of experts.

In addition to the formal certification you will receive, you will also gain access to hundreds (literally) of bite-sized learning assets including videos, podcasts, articles, checklists, templates and more. Our fully indexed and searchable database allows you to quickly and easily access the precise topics you need.

Not only that but Full Members can also join us for one or more of our live training events each month that cover a full range of CS-related topics at all levels from beginners to advanced. You can even request a specific topic and we’ll do our best to cover it for you in a future event.

Finally, you can find answers to frequently asked questions, look up jargon in our comprehensive glossary of CS-related terminology, and get personalized help on any CS-related topic by sending your questions to our panel of experts, or asking for help from other students within our Community

Full Membership provides everything you need for mastery of the Customer Success profession in one place, including:

  • A Comprehensive professional certification program
  • Online and downloadable self-paced study materials
  • Live instructor-led training events every month
  • Bite-sized “just in time” learning for specific tasks
  • Real world scenario-based exercises and fun quizzes
  • Downloadable tools, templates and checklists
  • Multiple formats-reading, watching and doing
  • Content refreshed and added to all the time
  • Ask our experts all your CS-related questions

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How Does Customer Success Work?


Does the Full Certified CSM Professional Program (CCSMP) cover everything I need to become certified as a Customer Success Manager?

Yes! The Full CCSMP program includes all of your training and certifications. Click here to review the detailed list of what’s included.

How long does the Full Certified CSM Professional Program (CCSMP) take to complete?

To an extent the length of time it takes you to complete all four ten training modules and pass all four certification levels is up to you. Your fees include 12 months access to the Practical CSM Academy, but most people should be able to complete the program with three to six months or maybe even faster if they study the program full time

Is the Certified CSM Professional Program (CCSMP) taken entirely online?

Yes, this is a self-study program and all of the materials are available online via the Practical CSM Academy website. Some of the materials you must study whilst actually connected to the Internet, other materials you can download and study remotely (for example whilst travelling).

Do I get the opportunity to talk to real experts within the CCSMP program?

Absolutely! During the live training and coaching sessions you will be able to put your own questions directly to our expert trainers and coaches, and you can also submit your questions to us at any time via the community forum.

What happens after I complete the training and become certified as a CCSMP?

Once you have completed the training and become certified as a CCSMP you will be sent your certificates (in electronic format). Additionally you will automatically be provided with a FREE 12 months Full membership of the Association of Customer Success Professionals (ACSP). This will enable you to continue using the Live Learning and Content Finder and Community Forum features within the Practical CSM Academy. As a member, you will also be enrolled in our newsletter and we will keep you informed about Customer Success news and special offers.

What if I purchase membership to the Practical CSM Academy and then find I do not like it?

We are very confident that (like all our customers) you will be really pleased with your purchase. But if you purchase membership to the Practical CSM Academy and then find you do not like it, simply let us know within 30 days of your purchase and we will cancel your membership and refund your money in full. Because what we sell is an informational product we do have certain rules around this. Firstly, you must have completed at least the first 5 lessons within Module One (so we know you have given it a proper trial). Secondly you must not have started Module Two (so we know you haven’t already received all the information and want to have it for free).

Course Content

40 hours multimedia self-paced training videos

4 Certification levels from Basic to Advanced

Syllabus oversight from our panel of industry experts

Your own customized Success Plan

Monthly schedule of live instructor-led, online classes

Catalog of hundreds of on-demand learning assets

Downloadable tools and templates

“Ask the expert” feature to answer all your questions

An energetic Customer Success community to join

24×7 online access via the Practical CSM Academy


Corporate Testimonials

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Dov Mendelovich
VP Global Customer Success

I looked for a one-stop-shop for certification and for online training, that people can consume in their own time at their own pace, while I as a manager of the organization can track their progress, and I found that very easy to do with PracticalCSM.com.

I would recommend PracticalCSM.com as a very good starting point for a new Customer Success Organization. The materials are built in a logical order and it provides a very good starting point to teach newcomers to the organization, and to build a common language and common terminology, both inside our organization and actually shared across the CS community.

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Will Pagden
Head of Customer Success

“PracticalCSM.com has revolutionised the way we work. The content is superb and really pushes all the CSMs to challenge themselves and work in a much more effective way. In particular I have seen a great improvement in the teams stakeholder management and we are turning a big corner in the value we are getting from each interaction with our customers.

I had scanned the market pretty hard, Rick’s professionalism and approach is what won it for me. The experience of purchasing and using the product has been a joy. I can pick up the phone and speak to someone to make suggestions of how it could be different and they listen and respond. Whilst there are other players in the field that offer “similar offerings” I struggled to find one that got close to PracticalCSM. The management dashboard and the ability to understand where my team were struggling has been a real game changer”