The Practical CSM Framework Manager’s Overview


This eBook sets out to provide Business Managers and CS Leaders not just with an understanding of the core components of the Practical CSM Framework but also with an explanation for why frameworks are such powerful tools for professionals, and with an appreciation of the specific context in which frameworks can be used by Customer Success teams.

“Thank you, I have downloaded your book and shared it with my team.
It contains some great insights, and I love the framework!”

Klaas Schippers
Senior Customer Success Manager, Linnworks

We hope you enjoy and benefit from the information you find inside these pages. For a detailed breakdown of the complete Framework, please purchase my book Practical Customer Success Management or complete the training to become a Certified CSM Professional.

Author: Rick Adams
Year: 2021
Pages: 135
Publisher: Practical CSM Publications
Format: eBook PDF

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Defining Customer Success Management
What does it do?
Why does it do it?
How does it do it?

The Practical CSM Framework
What are Frameworks?
The Practical CSM Framework
Practical CSM Framework Stages
Practical CSM Framework Phases

How Customer Success Management Fits within the Company
Old World Vs New World Value Chains
Customer Success Vs Customer Experience
Old World Vs New World Value Chains with CX


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