Need to Take our Training?

Not got Enough Money?

If so we have a limited number of SCHOLARSHIP opportunities open to qualifying candidates, that will fund up to 70% of your tuition fees.

Our Scholarship Fund is a joint arrangement between ourselves at and our friends and business partners at PIE Recruitment. Between us we have agreed to provide scholarship grants for a limited number of people who not otherwise be able to access our training materials.

To qualify for Scholarship Funding, you must be on a low income, you must have no more than $2,000 in savings, you must be paying for the training yourself (or family), and finally you must be purchasing the training in order to find employment or to further your current career. There is a limited pool of funds available, so applicants who qualify will be treated on a “first come, first served” basis. Our Scholarships are available for our Certification training (Fundamentals, Basic and Full) and for our Transition training. Certification teaches you Customer Success best practice. Transition coaches you through the process of applying for and securing an actual job.

Our Scholarship Programs

1 Year Scholarship to Practical CSM Academy (Full)

If you want to get ahead as Customer Success Professional, you need our Full CCSMP training and certification program. Our members’ experience rests on our four core pillars of training: formal certification to prove competence at four levels, on demand training to learn what you need when you need, live instructor-led classes to enable interactive learning and our Successopedia that enables personalized access to our team of experts.

Our Full Certified CSM Professional program is a complete training and certification package, based on the Practical CSM Framework and providing no less than four levels of professional certification within a structured roadmap of ten interactive, self-paced modules, with exams to prove professional competence.

Four Certification Levels to Attain