Customer Success Strategy Live with Rick Adams and Peter Armaly

A series of one-off exclusive live events, where Rick Adams and Peter Armaly discuss a topic of interest to the Customer Success profession.

Measuring Customer Success ROI
Wednesday 11th November 4:15pm GMT

What Should the Customer Success Function Do?
Wednesday 16th December 4:15pm GMT

Welcome to the latest addition to our training portfolio – a series of FREE events comprising a 30-ish minute prerecorded conversation between Peter Armaly, Oracle Senior Director and 2020 Top 25 Customer Success Influencer, and our very own Rick Adams, Founder and CEO of and 2020 Top 100 Customer Success Strategist, followed by a LIVE Q&A session with you the audience. Each event is on a different topic and the recordings are a reflection of the collective thoughts and wisdom of these two Customer Success thought leaders captured in friendly discussion on the selected topic.


 Measuring Customer Success ROI

Wednesday 11th November 4:15pm GMT (5:15pm CET, 11:15am EST, 8:15am PCT)

Businesses do not do things just for the sake of doing them – there always needs to be a reason. And in essence that reason is always the same – value! So what value does the business get from investing in Customer Success Management? After all it is a sizeable investment in hiring the right people, in purchasing he right software, in management time, in planning and strategizing, in systems and processes, in ongoing maintenance and support, and of course most particularly in ongoing salaries of the Customer Success Management team. All of this requires capital outlay – money that could have been used elsewhere in marketing or selling product development for example. So why should a business instead decide to invest that money in Customer Success management, and eqully importantly, what sort of ROI (return on investment) should that business expect to see and when should they expect to see it? And having thought about that, the business also needs to think about how this ROI could be measured, how it could be analyzed and who the results should be reported to. In this 45 minute online session Rick and Peter try to get to grips with the whats the hows and the whys of measuring the ROI of Customer Success Management activities.

A 30 minute conversation between Customer Success profession thought leaders Rick Adams from and Peter Armaly from Oracle on a range of CS-related topics, followed by a LIVE Q&A session with the audience!

Speakers for this Webinar

Rick Adams - CEO PracticalCSM

Rick Adams

Founder & CEO of Practical CSM

Rick is an independent author, trainer and consultant, specializing in helping businesses deliver measurable value for their customers. Adams has over 25 years’ experience of working in the IT industry, including owning his own startup software-as-a-service business. Rick has delivered Customer Success and Business Outcomes training and consultancy to many hundreds of businesses and thousands of technology professionals in over 30 countries across four continents and his book “Practical Customer Success Management” is available from all good book retailers.

Peter Armaly

Senior Marketing and Customer Success Professional

Peter is a senior-level Marketing and Customer Success professional with extensive experience working with wide-ranging clients of both SaaS and On-Premise engagement models. Peter has spent time as an Industry researcher for client engagement best practices and is an Advisory Board member for CSM Practice, a consulting firm offering services to increase net retention, improve customer satisfaction, and grow a company’s advocacy base.


Very clear, concise and well explained examples and exercises.

Rick was super engaging and the class was upbeat.

Simple approaches for incremental improvement.

Rick covers a lot of ground in a short session, while being highly responsive to group chat activity.

This proves that he is well-versed in the subject matter, as well as an engaged presenter.

This is the best business training course I have ever attended.

What Should the Customer Success Function Do?

Wednesday 16th December 4:15pm GMT (5:15pm CET, 11:15am EST, 8:15am PCT)