Customer Success Leadership Survey Introduction

Dear Team Leader,

Welcome to our Survey on Training, Certification and CPD Requirements

Thank you for taking the time to participate in our Q4 Survey for 2020. As this year draws to a close I would very much welcome a deeper, more accurate and more up-to-date understanding of the global Customer Success profession’s current training, certification and CPD requirements, as it applies to CS teams such as yours. To this end we are reaching out to over 2,500 Customer Success Team Leaders across the world asking them to contribute their own thoughts and opinions, and we shall be collating, analyzing and publishing the results of their responses in January 2021.

Watch a short interview about the survey:

Why Should You Take Part in the Survey?

There are several benefits to you of taking part in this survey. Firstly, as a Team Leader, by providing data
about your team’s own specific situation you are making an important contribution towards the development of a deeper understanding of the training, certification and CPD needs of the overall Customer Success profession. Secondly, all participants will be provided with a FREE copy of the final report in January 2021, allowing Team Leaders to compare their own Team’s situation against regional and global industry norms. Finally, each participant will also receive a free report on their current training, certification and CPD situation. The report will include an analysis of the data provided and a set of recommendations.

How Long Does it Take?

Completing the survey is not an onerous task. We estimate that it will take the average Team Leader somewhere around 10 to 15 minutes to respond to all the questions. Whilst it doesn’t take long at all, we do still realize that it is yet another call upon your precious time, and that is why we would like to say “Thank you very much” in advance, and it is also why we want to provide you with a copy of the final report and an analysis of your own team’s situation for FREE.

Enter the Draw to Win FREE Training for Your Entire Team*

Actually there is another reason to complete the survey, and that is that all survey participants are automatically entered into a monthly prize draw. Each month we provide FREE Customer Success training for the entire Customer Success team* to the first prize winner and five runners up prizes of HALF PRICE training for their entire Customer Success teams*. The draw takes place on the first week of the following month (eg first week of November for the October draw, and so on) and winners are published on our website and notified via email.

With thanks,

Rick Adams, CEO and Founder,

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*one entry per company, and prizes are provided for up to twenty team members maximum.