Customer Success
Leadership Survey 2022

Welcome to our Survey on Customer Success Training,
Certification and CPD Requirements.

Thank you!

Thank you for participating in our Training Survey, designed to provide a deeper, more accurate and more up-to-date understanding of the global Customer Success profession’s current training, certification and CPD requirements, as it applies to CS teams such as yours. We are reaching out to over 2,500 Customer Success Team Leaders across the world, asking them to contribute their own thoughts and opinions, and we shall be collating, analyzing and publishing the results of their responses into an Annual Report.

Duration: Please allow about 15 to 30 minutes to complete the survey


Work your way through the questions, providing your responses in the format requested. All questions are mandatory and must be answered. For MNCs you can elect to answer for your region or group only. ALL YOUR ANSWERS ARE COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL, your responses will not be shared with any third party.