Practical CSM Academy Team Reporting Tool

An easy one-stop solution to track and report your team’s training progress

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Detailed Team Activity

Get overview of your team’s activity including:

  • Badges Unlocked
  • Completed Certification
  • Login sessions

Track individual users performance with unique certification ID.

Progress Charts

Track and monitor progress of your team

Easy to view and present data for all badges unlocked and team activity over time

Activity Filter

Get all the important team statistics

  • Easily filter out users based on level, group or name.
  • Get each members certification results and dates of completion or failure.
  • Export & download data in CSV format

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Online Training for Customer Success Teams

Team Managers

Our comprehensive, framework-based, online certification courses and additional training content enables your entire team to work to a consistent, high quality standard. It covers all aspects of the customer success role in order to increase productivity and quality.

As a Team Manager you will be able to set meaningful training targets for your existing team members. You can motivate and inspire your team to learn and to improve their skills.

You will find it far easier than before to onboard new team members and get them up to speed quickly.
Our reporting module helps you manage and coach your team, and will generate the evidence you need to prove the ROI from your training investment.

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