Women Leaders in Customer Success

hosted by Banafche Garnier

Banafche is a Customer Success training and certification expert who spends her time helping Customer Success Leaders formulate and implement watertight training, certification & CPD strategies that maximize team productivity and efficiency with a measurable ROI.

Welcome to our brand new format for 2021, where each event is recorded LIVE in front of an audience. During the discussion you are invited to submit your questions, which will then be shared with the guest in the final part of the session. Each month features a different guest and a different Customer Success-related topic for conversation.

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Minna Vaisanen

Ashna Patel

Krista Roberts

Effie Mansdorf

Emily Hillier

23 March 2021

Hiring and Building a CSM Team

Minna Vaisanen
Head of CS – Growth Engineering

Passionate Customer Success professional. Creates value by delivering outcomes and fast time-to-value for customers. Solves problems through innovation and strategic thinking. Can define and execute Go-to-market strategies for multinational companies and technology start-up / scale-up.

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15 April 2021

Taking Charge of Your Career and Self-empowerment

Ashna Patel
Manager of Customer Success, Ascent Cloud

Customer Success is her “inner CHI” 🙏🏽
She endeavors opportunities that challenge her to think creatively and allow her to gain ideas for growth. Her passion for Customer Success, dedication towards personal growth & genuine nature of helping others helps her build meaningful relationships with her clients, team members & those around her. Her motto is simple: “Do everything in your power to provide the best experience” & she tries to live up to it every day.

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