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Practical Customer Success Management Is Not Just A Book…

It’s A Whole Movement!

Customer success management is coming out of its infancy, and is growing and maturing rapidly, yet so many CSMs are still guessing at what to do and how to do it. They are quite literally making it up as they go along, and this is not good for anyone – is it any wonder that the CS profession is known for its high burnout rate!

So what are the challenges?

​Customers need to receive better quality help and guidance

Companies need to gain increased revenue streams

CSMs need to become more efficient and effective in their role

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Customer success management is coming out of its infancy, and is growing and maturing rapidly, yet so many CSMs are still guessing at what to do and how to do it. They are quite literally making it up as they go along, and this is not good for anyone – is it any wonder that the CS profession is known for its high burnout rate!

So what are the challenges?

​Customers need to receive better quality help and guidance

Companies need to gain increased revenue streams

CSMs need to become more efficient and effective in their role

How can these challenges be overcome?

What if you – the CSM – were fully in control of the situation right from the get go? What if you had a roadmap for the entire customer engagement all ready to go at the start of the journey? And more even that that, what if at every major stage in that journey you knew just what to do and how to do it, and you even had a series of checklists and templates at your disposal to ensure that you do everything you need to do in the right order, to the right quality and without missing out any vital steps?

Can a book about Customer Success Management change your whole career?

Practical Customer Success Management is much more than just another book about Customer Success. It sets out everything that the CSM needs to do at each stage of the journey to customer value realization. This is achieved by taking the reader through the seven phases contained within the author’s best practice framework – the Practical CSM Framework. It provides a roadmap for the entire end-to-end journey of engaging with customers to help them realize their outcomes and in doing so ensures the CSM’s own company attains its own successes, including increased renewals and “expand” opportunities, increased advocacy, and improved relationships with customer stakeholders .


Author: Rick Adams

Item Weight: 1.6 pounds

Hardcover: 278 pages

ISBN-10: 0367182769

ISBN-13: 978-0367182762

Publisher: Productivity Press; 1st Edition (June 24, 2019)

Product Dimensions: 7.3 x 0.8 x 10.2 inches

Language: English

Customer Reviews: 4.8 out of 5 stars:


Book: Practical Customer Success Management. An Interview with the Author


What does the “Practical Customer Success Management” book cover?

The “Practical Customer Success Management” book covers the entire engagement lifecycle of Customer Success Management. It provides an in-depth and highly effective grounding in what the term “Customer Success” actually means, what value the process of Customer Success Management brings to both the customer and the supplier, and what types of activities CSMs (Customer Success Managers) get up to in their day-to-day work.

Who is the “Practical Customer Success Management” book for?

The “Practical Customer Success Management” book is aimed primarily at Customer Success Management profesionals of all levels from junior CSMs right through to senior leaders and strategists. It sets out a framework for effective deployment and delivery of Customer Success Management best practices, and it describes those best practices in a logical order, following the typical customer success enagement lifecycle.

Does the “Practical Customer Success Management” book provide training in Customer Success Management?

Absolutely! This is exactly what the the “Practical Customer Success Management” book covers. For those who wish to go deeper, we also offer Basic and Full certification programs that integrate with and complement the book perfectly. Please review our website or contact us for more details.

What makes this book different from all the other books on Customer Success Management?

The majority of books on Customer Success Management are aimed at strategists, and discuss why Customer Success Management is important and how to deploy a Customer Success Management practice within an organization. Our book, “Practical Customer Success Management” focuses on the role of the Customer Success manager him or herself, and provides no-nonsense, practical, day-to-day guidance on what to do and how to do it. The focus of our book is highly practical, whether you are a CS leader who needs to determine what your team should focus their time on doing, or whether you are a CSM at the sharp end, having to actually do those things yourself.

What formats does the book come in?

The book we offer is a library quality, hardbound book that should last you your entire career. You can also purchase ebooks from the publisher and from Amazon and from Barnes and Noble.

What do readers say about the book?

At the time of writing these FAQs (September 2020) “Practical Customer Usccess Management” has received a five star rating from Amazon, and many readers have written to us to tell us how great the book is and how pleased they are with their purchase.

Can I read some of the book before I purchase it, to make sure I like it?

Yes! We can provide you with the first chapter for free in PDF format for you to read at your leisure, to help you decide whether you wish to come back and purchase the rest of the book from us.

Do I have to buy the book from you?

No. We tend to be the lowest price place to get your copy of the “Practical Customer Success Management” book, but you can purchase it either direct from the publishers or at any good book store including Amazon, Barnes and Noble and so on.

Aside from the book itself, what else do I get?

In addition to the book itself, you also get access to a whole selection of free tools, templates and checklists for you to download and use in your Customer Success Management work.

If I purchase the “Practical Customer Success Management” book am I guaranteed to find a job?

No. The “Practical Customer Success Management” book will provide you with the knowledge you need in order to know what Customer Success Management is and what Customer Success Managers do in order to help their customers attain value. This is not sufficient on its own to get you a job as a CSM. What we can say is that we are very confident that the advice and guidance that the book provides is very useful and relevant to those who are serious about finding work as a CSM.

Is the “Practical Customer Success Management” book suitable for college graduates with little to no previous work experience?

Whilst college graduates are not the primary intended audience for this book, the “Practical Customer Success Management” book should prove very useful to such graduates who aspire to become CSMs either straight away if possible or perhaps even in the short to medium term future.

Are there really any jobs going for CSMs at the moment?

Yes. We can say for certain that at the time of writing this FAQ guide (September 2020) there most definitely are both junior and senior Customer Success Management vacancies being offered that need to be filled. However it is also true to say that as with most if not all professions, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a short term drop in the numbers of vacancies being advertised. We expect that ultimately the numbers of vacancies will bounce back very strongly, since Customer Success Management has been one of the professions that has been of great help for many companies during this pandemic crisis, and has therefore increased in prominance and importance within many companies.

I live in (insert your country) – are there any Customer Success Management vacancies in my country or region?

Whilst Customer Success Management vacancies were originally almost entirely based in the Silicon valley area of California, this is most definitely no longer the case, and there are thousands of Customer Success managers employed in a very wide variety of countries throughout North and South America, Europe, Russia, Africa, India, the Middle East, the Far East and Australia.


As a relative newcomer to Customer Success, I have found this book to be an invaluable resource. Customer Success as a function within my organization is still in its infancy, and for that reason, there is much that remains to be built out and standardized. I feel as though we’ve done a good job of making the best with what we have, but I am someone that thrives when there is a structured roadmap to follow. That is precisely what this book offers, and does so with great detail. I found so many of the scenarios and examples to be extremely relatable, and the recommended processes highly applicable. I plan to implement Rick’s framework not only to my day-to-day activities, but also to serve as our Customer Success team’s playbook and guide.

Dan Louks, Customer Success Manager, Hiring Solved

I wish a book like this existed when I started in Customer Success! I’ve been in the role for more than half of my career and I was impressed with the book’s vast coverage of the multiple facets and nuances of the Customer Success position. ‘Practical Customer Success Management’ is a great foundational book for learning the principles and applications of Customer Success and a good practical guide, well laid out enough to be easily referenceable and easily digested.

Cyn Taylor, Enterprise Customer Success Manager, LogicMonitor

This book provides a comprehensive review of the Customer Success role and responsibilities as distinctly different from overall customer experience and applicable to any business, not just SaaS. Onboarding, adoption planning, and adoption implementation are described in depth and there are immediately usable recommendations to execute each phase effectively.

Anne Marie Ponder, Senior Manager, IT Infrastucture, Astellas Pharma US

In his book, Adams not only clarifies what customer success management is, but he also provides all the ingredients to create the right customer success strategy. If you need to implement customer success within your own company, or if you are a CSM who simply wants an authoritative guide to customer success management best practices then dive in!

Baptiste Debever, Head of Growth & Co Founder, Alkalab

It is refreshing to see a book that articulates easy-to-follow concepts of customer success management using real-life examples on how to perform the role more effectively and efficiently. Adams’ style of writing is entertaining and very simple to digest, and what I particularly appreciated is the way in which he has broken down complex challenges and made them easy to understand for customer success managers to apply in everyday situations when serving their customers.

Samuel Parri, Global Success Manager and Senior Program Leader

The growth of Customer Success as a corporate discipline has been remarkable and continues unabated. Rick’s excellent book is an invaluable resource for anyone with an interest in Customer Success. Whether you are contemplating your first foray into Customer Success or are a seasoned executive, this book provides both the framework and practical guides to help ensure that you have the best-practice structures and processes in place for both today and the future.

Adam Joseph, VP Customer Success EMEA, Gainsight

A structured and logical approach that will help new and experienced CSMs to bridge the gap between Customer Success theory and practical application.

James Scott, General Partner, Success Hacker

I already put my insights to use in at least three meetings today. This is the book we needed in my opinion.

Lilith Antunovic, Customer Success Manager, Cisco Systems

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