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Course Benefits

Benefits Of Training With Us

Why Choose Our Customer Success Certification Training Course?

  • Comprehensive professional certification

  • Real world scenario-based exercises and fun quizzes

  • Downloadable self-paced study materials

  • Simple to navigate member’s portal

  • Weekly live instructor-led training webinars

  • Bite-sized “just in time” learning for specific tasks

  • Content refreshed and added to all the time

  • Downloadable tools, templates and checklists

  • Ask our experts all your CS-related questions

  • Multiple formats – reading, watching and doing

What You Get

“First impressions… I gotta say – WOW it’s fantastic – love the production! Can’t wait to wrap myself up in the content!”

Brenda Tinius, Cloud Migration Proj Manager, AWS

“This is a well thought out portal containing detailed training content – I would definitely recommend it for all CS teams.”

Karan Chaudhary, Engagement Director, Aodigy

Four Core Components of the Practical CSM Academy…

Complete program utilizing four different approaches to suit every learning style

Professional Certification Program

Our Certified CSM Professional course is based on the Practical CSM Framework and offers professional-level certification within a structured roadmap of ten interactive, self paced modules, with a final exam to prove professional competence.

Comprehensive Online Learning Library

We have hundreds (literally) of bite sized learning assets including videos, podcasts, articles, checklists, templates and more. Our fully indexed and searchable database allows you to quickly and easily access the precise topics you need.

Live Instructor-Led Training

Join us for one or more of our live training events each month that cover a full range of CS-related topics at all levels from beginners to advanced. You can even request a specific topic and we’ll do our best to cover it for you in a future event.

The Successopedia

Find answers to frequently asked questions in the FAQs section, look up jargon in our comprehensive glossary of CS-related terminology, and get personalized help on any CS-related topic by sending your questions to our panel of experts.

Our Pricing

Our Pricing

We’ve Tailored a Pricing Plan To Suit Every Pocket

Basic: Get started with the first certification level (Specialist) plus Successopedia

Full: Access to all four certification levels plus Content Finder, Live Learning and Successopedia

Corporate Packages
  • choose your plan

  • Specialist Certification
  • Consultant Certification
  • Expert Certification
  • Certified CSM Professional
  • Content Finder
  • Live Learning
  • Successopedia

Online Training for Customer Success Teams

Our comprehensive, framework-based, online certification courses and additional training content enables your entire team to work to a consistent, high quality standard. It covers all aspects of the customer success role in order to increase productivity and quality.

As Team Manager you will be able to set meaningful training targets for your existing team members. You can motivate and inspire your team to learn and to improve their skills.

You will find it far easier than before to onboard new team members and get them up to speed quickly.
Our reporting module helps you manage and coach your team, and will generate the evidence you need to prove the ROI from your training investment.

Our Certification Levels
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Four Certified CSM Professional Program Levels…

“The platform is very easy to navigate, and the style and format of the video lessons is highly engaging.”

Gereint Collier, Head of Client Success, ITGL

“I would highly recommend the Practical CSM Academy to anyone who is looking for training and certification on Customer Success best practices.”

Jayson Garcia, Customer Success Manage, OSIsoft

FREE Workshops from

making customer success simple


Customer Success Fundamentals: 90 mins

The basics of customer success management for busy professionals


Business Fundamentals: 120 mins

The basics of business management for busy professionals


Managing Stress: 120 mins

The basics of stress management for busy professionals


The Practical CSM Framework: 60 mins

Overview of our best practice framework for Customer Success

Free Online Customer Success Training Courses

Get immediate access to our knowledge and expertise for yourself and your team by registering for one or more of our Free online Customer Success Training Courses.

Every month we run a series of live, online training workshops on a variety of Customer Success-related topics. Each workshop is led by our Founder and CEO Rick Adams and you will get the chance to interact with him live throughout the event.

Our schedule of FREE online Customer Success workshops is constantly changing, with new course titles being added all of the time. Click here to view the current schedule of FREE live training events and to register yourself onto an event.

How do we help with customer success strategy?

Every company is unique, and so every company needs a unique Customer Success Strategy. We follow a four point plan to help you develop and then implement your strategy.

ONE: We work closely with your senior leadership team to understand your company’s unique vision for the future, its strengths, weaknesses and challenges and its current customer success offerings.

TWO: We facilitate the process of brainstorming, discussion, negotiation and ultimately consensus forming to determine your organization’s new Customer Success Strategy

THREE: We help you to create a Customer Success Roadmap for the next three years that utilizes CS best practices and which takes into account both your organization’s current situation and its future vision and objectives

FOUR: We provide as much or as little support as you need to implement, measure and (where necessary) amend your strategy on an ongoing basis.

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How do we help with customer success delivery?

The Practical CSM Framework enables customer success managers to rapidly and consistently provide best practice help and guidance to customers to assist those customers with onboarding, adopting, utilizing and measuring the value generated from the products and services they have purchased from your company. The Practical CSM Framework is free for companies to use as-is or to adapt as they see fit, and the entire framework is laid out in our book – Practical Customer Success Management: A best practice framework for managers and professionals.

Practical Customer Success Management: A best practice framework for managers and professionals sets out our thinking on the role and importance of customer success and provides in depth explanations and discussion on how to use our best practice framework to deliver consistently high quality CS services to your customers whilst simultaneously enhancing your own productivity. The book also includes free access to a series of downloadable templates and checklists that simplify some of the CSM’s most complex tasks and greatly increase their efficiency.

The Certified Customer Success Management Professional (CCSMP) training course is an in-depth training and certification program that utilizes the Practical CSM Framework to take customer success managers from first principles right through to detailed guidance on how to complete the tasks that CSMs are required to accomplish at each stage throughout the customer lifecycle, with an accompanying online test to certify their knowledge and skill level. This course provides the most up to date and comprehensive training on CS tools, techniques and best practices available today, and can be delivered either as a self study course or in the classroom.

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