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CS Strategy

Developing the right Customer Success strategy for your organization can be a tough task, and delivering provable, meaningful value from that strategy can be even tougher. We provide a range of corporate CS strategic consultancy services to help you get it right and keep it right.

Our Consultancy Services

Customer Success Leaders

As a CS leader, are you responsible for hiring, training, supporting, coaching and managing a team of CS professionals? We can help your entire team work to a consistent, high quality standard across all aspects of the customer success role, whilst increasing their productivity and improving their results.

Our Corporate Training

Customer Success Management Professionals

Being a CSM can be a daunting task, with many calls on your time and skills to master. Our self study training is based on a best practice framework that provides step-by-step guidance to make you productive and effective in your role and give you the confidence to deliver amazing results for your customers!

Our Self-Study Training

This website is as much or more about you and the relationship you have with your customers and in particular about the challenges you face in providing the best possible customer success services to your customers as it is about us and our products and services.

Our Products and Services

To browse our site and view the products and services we offer, you can jump straight to any section of the site that interests you using the navigation menu at the top of the screen, or click the button below to be taken straight to the page about our self study training.

Our Self Study Training

Your Challenges

Alternatively, if you know what your customer success challenges are and are already familiar with the range of service we offer, and you want to explore how we may be able to assist you then click the link below and fill out the form to get in touch with us right away.

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How do we help with customer success strategy?

We work with your senior leadership team to understand your company’s unique vision for the future, its strengths, weaknesses and challenges and its current customer success offerings. Then we facilitate a two part workshop. In the first part, we brief your senior leaders on current customer success best practice and overview all of the critical issues that need to be considered when developing a customer success strategy. In the second part, we facilitate the process of brainstorming, discussion, negotiation and ultimately consensus forming to create your organization’s new customer success strategy and a high level customer success roadmap for the next three years that utilizes customer success best practices and which takes into account both your organization’s current situation and its future vision and objectives.

How do we help with customer success delivery?

The Practical CSM Framework enables customer success managers to rapidly and consistently provide best practice help and guidance to customers to assist those customers with onboarding, adopting, utilizing and measuring the value generated from the products and services they have purchased from your company. The Practical CSM Framework is free for companies to use as-is or to adapt as they see fit, and the entire framework is laid out in our book – Practical Customer Success Management: A best practice framework for managers and professionals.

Practical Customer Success Management: A best practice framework for managers and professionals sets out our thinking on the role and importance of customer success and provides in depth explanations and discussion on how to use our best practice framework to deliver consistently high quality CS services to your customers whilst simultaneously enhancing your own productivity. The book also includes free access to a series of downloadable templates and checklists that simplify some of the CSM’s most complex tasks and greatly increase their efficiency.

The Certified Customer Success Management Professional (CCSMP) training course is an in-depth training and certification program that utilizes the Practical CSM Framework to take customer success managers from first principles right through to detailed guidance on how to complete the tasks that CSMs are required to accomplish at each stage throughout the customer lifecycle, with an accompanying online test to certify their knowledge and skill level. This course provides the most up to date and comprehensive training on CS tools, techniques and best practices available today, and can be delivered either as a self study course or in the classroom.

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