Practical Customer Success Management:

A best practice framework for rapid generation of customer success



Customer success management as a profession is still in its infancy, and is growing and maturing rapidly. As it does so it will begin to develop its own language, best practices, tools and templates to help CSMs with being as effective and productive as possible.

This book sets out to further this process by providing just such best practices and tools in the form of the Practical CSM Framework. This framework takes readers through the entire end-to-end experience of engaging with and working with customers to help them realize their successes and in so doing help the CSM’s own company to attain its own successes through maximum renewals and expand opportunities.

The purpose of the book and the step by step processes it contains together with its free, downloadable tools and templates, is to enable CSMs of all experience levels to perform their role to a consistently high quality and in an effective and productive way.

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