Selecting the Right Training Strategy for Customer Success Management

Prepare the proper training for your team before implementation.

Answers nine critical questions that a Customer Success Leader has in preparing training strategies for a Customer Success Team.

Author: Rick Adams
Year: 2021
Pages: 15
Publisher: Practical CSM Publications
Format: PDF

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Prevent loss with the right plan

How do you know that your Customer Success team receives the appropriate training? Without knowing what skills your team needs, paid training materials would only result in losses. Prevent mistakes by knowing what your team requires.

What’s Inside?

Equip yourself with the correct information to have a team with the desired abilities. Tackling the nine questions a Customer Success leader must answer to select the proper training for their team, this book allows you to:

✔️  Identify your team’s current position
✔️  Form desired outcomes
✔️  Cross the gap with the right strategy
✔️  Evaluate your team’s achievements


An easy-to-understand 15-page article asks you the right questions to smoothly prepare your team’s training with the step-by-step strategy. Reduce planning time and increase value by answering the following questions:

    1. What do you need to achieve?
    2. Where are you now?
    3. What are your gaps?
    4. What capabilities are required?
    5. How will you fulfill these capabilities?
    6. What are your practical challenges, and how will you overcome them?
    7. What do you need to do to gain the authority to proceed?
    8. How will you measure and report on ROI? and
    9. How will you manage your Customer Success Management training strategy?

Detailed Description

Selecting the right training strategy for Customer Success Management was written by Rick Adams to aid CS leaders in preparing the right training for their teams. It is a free article that provides a clear and straightforward step-by-step framework.

Tackling the nature of each question shows the gaps between the current and the desired Customer Success team. It explains the requirements to begin the process and slowly moves towards a better team that increases customer value. Rather than just discussing what you lack and your goals, it will help you form customized strategies that fit your team with activities and tips.

It laid out the end-to-end process of selecting the proper training for your Customer Success team. This article aims for Customer Success team leaders to make the planning quicker and easier, allowing them to assess and evaluate their team that spearheads improvement.

About Rick Adams

Rick Adams

Founder, CEO of Practical CSM, & Author of our Customer Success Certification Program 

Rick Adams is an independent author, trainer, and consultant, specializing in helping technology companies deliver measurable business value for their customers. Adams has over 25 years’ experience of working in the IT industry, including owning his startup software-as-a-service business, which he sold in 2012 to focus on writing, training, and consulting.

Delivering training and consultancy to hundreds of businesses and thousands of technology professionals in over thirty countries across four continents, Adams is now based on the rural west coast of Ireland, where he lives with his three dogs, Zeus, Terri & Brandi.

Adams’ recent work includes developing and delivering a global certification program on customer success management for Cisco Systems Inc. His book titled ‘Practical Customer Success Management: A best practice framework for managers and professionals’ was recently published by Routledge and is available from Amazon and all other book retailers. His current interests include helping individuals and companies develop best practices in customer success management and business outcomes-focused selling.

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Selecting the Right Training Strategy for Customer Success Management