Does Your Customer Success Team Need to Excel?

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with Rick Adams, Founder & CEO of Practical CSM

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Is your Customer Success Team up and ready for the job?

It isn’t easy to decide what the proper training is for the whole team. With all things considered, it is genuinely complicated to choose. You may be wondering,

✔️ Will this training equip the team with the right skill set? 

✔️ Is the training worth the money?

✔️ Can the company shoulder the cost of training?

And a lot more. 

We understand how difficult it is, and to help you identify whether this training fits your company’s and team’s needs, why not try a Demo for free?

About Rick Adams

Rick Adams

Founder, CEO of Practical CSM, & Author of our Customer Success Certification Program

Rick Adams is an independent author, trainer, and consultant, specializing in helping technology companies deliver measurable business value for their customers. Adams has over 25 years’ experience of working in the IT industry, including owning his startup software-as-a-service business, which he sold in 2012 to focus on writing, training, and consulting.

Delivering training and consultancy to hundreds of businesses and thousands of technology professionals in over thirty countries across four continents, Adams is now based on the rural west coast of Ireland, where he lives with his three dogs, Zeus, Terri & Brandi.

Adams’ recent work includes developing and delivering a global certification program on customer success management for Cisco Systems Inc. His book titled ‘Practical Customer Success Management: A best practice framework for managers and professionals’ was recently published by Routledge and is available from Amazon and all other book retailers. His current interests include helping individuals and companies develop best practices in customer success management and business outcomes-focused selling.

How We Will Help Your Customer Success Team Improve?

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill.

✔️ Provide a Standardized High-Quality Online Training Program

✔️ Build an Evidence-Based Competent Team

✔️ Quicker Onboarding Process for New Employees

✔️ Continuous Improvement that Follows the Current and Future Customer Success Trends

✔️ Provision of proof of competency upon successful completion

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Develop an efficient team with Customer Success Training for Teams

Let us help you achieve the goals for your team and improve its performance. With our Customer Success Training for Teams, you would have access to:

✔️ Hundreds of bite-sized training videos to study at your own time and pace

✔️ Customizable tools and templates to increase efficiency and quality of work tailored to your company’s needs

✔️ Fifteen questions mini-quizzes to assess understanding of your team along with case studies to aid your decision making in real-life scenarios

✔️ Certificate of Completion and be a Certified Customer Success Professional

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What we are going to do:

Review your challenges & current situation

  1. Review your challenges & current situation
  2. Present to you Practical CSM Academy content and functionality
  3. Make recommendations based upon industry best practices
  4. Propose a way in which we may be able to help

Informal conversation, no obligations, summary report sent.

Video Testimonials

Case Study & Testimonial from Intellishift

The Comprehensive Online Self-Paced Training System for Your Customer Success Team

Rather than just knowing what and why the Customer Success teams exist, learn how to use various strategies to drive better outcomes. In this course, your team will be able to:

✔️ Quickly integrate new employees into the team 

✔️ Cover the Fundamentals of Business and Customer Success

✔️ Develop tailored strategies for your team’s and company’s objective

✔️ Be able to Develop the Skills Necessary to Excel in Every Step of the Customer Success Journey

Learn more about what we offer and look at our certification syllabus


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Team Managers

Our comprehensive, framework-based, online certification courses and additional training content enables your entire team to work to a consistent, high quality standard. It covers all aspects of the customer success role in order to increase productivity and quality.

As a Team Manager you will be able to set meaningful training targets for your existing team members. You can motivate and inspire your team to learn and to improve their skills.

You will find it far easier than before to onboard new team members and get them up to speed quickly.
Our reporting module helps you manage and coach your team, and will generate the evidence you need to prove the ROI from your training investment.

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