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Challenges of Customer Success Team Leader

  • High management overhead for delivery of training and coaching
  • Lack of efficiency and productivity of each team member and team overall
  • Shorter than desirable average lifetime of staff
  • High management overhead in onboarding new recruits
  • Increased efficiency and productivity of each team member and team overall
  • Prove, manage and report on the quality of CS organization and ROI from it

About Rick Adams

Rick Adams

Founder, CEO of Practical CSM, & Author of our Customer Success Certification Program

Rick Adams is an independent author, trainer, and consultant, specializing in helping technology companies deliver measurable business value for their customers. Adams has over 25 years’ experience of working in the IT industry, including owning his startup software-as-a-service business, which he sold in 2012 to focus on writing, training, and consulting.

Delivering training and consultancy to hundreds of businesses and thousands of technology professionals in over thirty countries across four continents, Adams is now based on the rural west coast of Ireland, where he lives with his three dogs, Zeus, Terri & Brandi.

Adams’ recent work includes developing and delivering a global certification program on customer success management for Cisco Systems Inc. His book titled ‘Practical Customer Success Management: A best practice framework for managers and professionals’ was recently published by Routledge and is available from Amazon and all other book retailers. His current interests include helping individuals and companies develop best practices in customer success management and business outcomes-focused selling.

How We Help

  • Standardized high quality on line self service training program
  • Adoption within the team of CS methodologies and best practices
  • Reward and/or incentive for loyalty to team members
  • Enabling new team members to get up to speed quickly
  • Maturing the approach to CS management by adopting external best practices
  • Providing internal and/or external validation / proof of capability
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Corporate Testimonial

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Dov Mendelovich

VP Global Customer Success

Book a 30-45 min Customer Success Training Strategy Consultation with Rick Adams

What we are going to do:

1) Review your challenges & current situation
2) Make recommendations based upon industry best practices
3) Propose a way in which we may be able to help

Informal conversation, no obligations, summary report sent.


  • Manager has more time available to perform other essential tasks
  • Customers receive a higher quality of CS service, leading to higher levels of renewal and CX, NRR and CLV
  • Reduced recruitment costs and prevention of knowledge and skill loss
  • Faster time to productivity for new recruits and more time available for managers
  • Increased team productivity and further improvements in quality of service to customers
  • Easier to prove the maturity of the CS organization and demonstrate its value to the business, and prospective customers are reassured of the quality of after purchase service and more likely to select you

Certified Customer Success Manager Professional (CCSMP) Videos

Watch Overview of Certified Customer Success Manager Program with Rick Adams

Online Training for Customer Success Teams

Team Managers

Our comprehensive, framework-based, online certification courses and additional training content enables your entire team to work to a consistent, high quality standard. It covers all aspects of the customer success role in order to increase productivity and quality.

As a Team Manager you will be able to set meaningful training targets for your existing team members. You can motivate and inspire your team to learn and to improve their skills.

You will find it far easier than before to onboard new team members and get them up to speed quickly.
Our reporting module helps you manage and coach your team, and will generate the evidence you need to prove the ROI from your training investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To an extent the length of time it takes you to complete all four ten training modules and pass all four certification levels is up to you. Your fees include 12 months access to the Practical CSM Academy, but most people should be able to complete the program with three to six months or maybe even faster if they study the program full time
Not everyone is cut out to be a CSM, and so if within the first 30 days you try out our training and find for whatever reason that it’s not for you, you can let us know and we’ll give you a refund in full. Our only stipulation is firstly that you have completed the first module, and secondly that you have not started the third module. After all, we are selling an information product and trying out the first two modules will be sufficient for you to know whether the program is for you or not.
Yes, this is a self-study program and all of the materials are available online via the Practical CSM Academy website. Some of the materials you must study whilst actually connected to the Internet, other materials you can download and study remotely (for example whilst travelling).
Absolutely! During the live training and coaching sessions you will be able to put your own questions directly to our expert trainers and coaches, and you can also submit your questions to us at any time via the community forum.
Like most professional training and certification programs, the CCSMP program is charged for up front in advance. However we do sometimes offer our students the ability to spread the payment over two instalments. To view our current fees and payment options please see above. For one to one advice please email us at

We are very confident that (like all our customers) you will be really pleased with your purchase. But if you purchase membership to the Practical CSM Academy and then find you do not like it, simply let us know within 30 days of your purchase and we will cancel your membership and refund your money in full. Because what we sell is an informational product we do have certain rules around this. Firstly, you must have completed at least the first 5 lessons within Module One (so we know you have given it a proper trial). Secondly you must not have started Module Two (so we know you haven’t already received all the information and want to have it for free).