Individual Training and Certification Courses from Practical CSM

Practical CSM Academy

Are you looking for full Customer Success certification and training course?

Our Certified CSM Professional program comes in two flavors – Basic and Full.

In the Full version, students gain access to all Four Levels of CCSMP certification content, including ten full training modules that cover the entirety of Customer Success Management best practice as well as providing workbooks, exercises and end of module tests and final two part professional exam.

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Customer Success Fundamentals

Are you a New Customer Success Manager who wants to learn about fundamentals?

Do you need a “quick and dirty” introduction to Customer Success Management principles and practices? If so, this is the ideal course for you.

The Customer Success Fundamentals course provides you with everything you need to understand what Customer Success Management is and how it works, but without the waffle and unnecessary noise. This course gets you where you need to be super fast!

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Transition to Customer Success

Are you currently looking for work in Customer Success Management industry

This is the ideal course for people with transferable skills from complementary professions who wish to break in to the Customer Success Management profession.

If you are trying to gain your first CSM role this course tells you how to prepare yourself, how to find the best vacancies, how to apply in a way that sets you apart from the crowd, and how to score highly at interview.

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Free Practical CSM Membership

Would you like to get access to our free training materials?

Join our ever-growing community of Customer Success Managers by signing up for FREE membership here at

Our members get access to a fully searchable catalog of literally hundreds of free Customer Success-related assets, including Podcasts, Articles, Downloads & Videos

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