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    Customer success management is coming out of its infancy, and is growing and maturing rapidly, yet so many CSMs are still guessing at what to do and how to do it. They are quite literally making it up as they go along, and this is not good for anyone - is it any wonder that the CS profession is known for its high burnout rate! ​So what are the challenges? ​Customers need to receive better quality help and guidance Companies need to gain increased revenue streamsCSMs need to become more efficient and effective in their role
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    The Practical CSM Framework divides the CSM’s core duties and responsibilities into seven phases, contained within three stages

      The purpose of the Practical CSM Framework is to provide simple to follow and highly practical, step-by-step guidance for CSMs to follow. Following this guidance enables CSMs to perform all of the essential tasks shared by the majority of CSMs in a way that ensures consistency of end results for customers as well as increasing each CSM’s own productivity levels and reducing problems arising from errors and/or omissions.

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