Our Mission

Our goal is to help customer success leaders, individual customer success managers and those who are aspiring to join the customer success profession to make the right decisions around how to deliver customer success services to their customers. We are a small business but we operate globally, delivering our services both virtually via the Internet and in your own offices – wherever in the world you happen to be.

What is “Customer Success Management”?

If a business wants to retain its customers and have them continue to purchase more of its products and services it needs to make sure those customers attain their desired outcomes from the products and services they have already purchased. That’s what customer success is all about – helping your customers to achieve their goals through using the products and services they have purchased from your company.

Customer success management is both a philosophy and a department. It is a philosophy (or culture) because everyone within the entire company needs to become customer-centric by aligning their activities to the over-arching need to drive business success for customers within everything that the company does. It is also a department that contains professionally trained customer success managers (CSMs) who have the knowledge and skills to engage with customers to help them with onboarding, adoption, value generation and value realization (measurement) to ensure that customers attain their desired outcomes from the purchase and use of the company’s products and services.

How do we help with customer success strategy?

We work with your senior leadership team to understand your company’s unique vision for the future, its strengths, weaknesses and challenges and its current customer success offerings. Then we facilitate a two part workshop. In the first part, we brief your senior leaders on current customer success best practice and overview all of the critical issues that need to be considered when developing a customer success strategy. In the second part, we facilitate the process of brainstorming, discussion, negotiation and ultimately consensus forming to create your organization’s new customer success strategy and a high level customer success roadmap for the next three years that utilizes customer success best practices and which takes into account both your organization’s current situation and its future vision and objectives.

Our Team

Rick Adams

Founder & CEO

Rick Adams is a business owner, author, trainer and consultant, specializing in helping technology companies to deliver measurable business value to their customers. Adams has over 25 years’ business experience including creating, managing and ultimately selling his own UK based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business and more recently founding his current company called the Practical CSM Academy that focuses on providing global customer success management consulting, training and certification services for everyone from aspiring CSM new starters through to seasoned senior CS leaders.

Adams’ recent work includes the development and delivery of a global customer success management certification program for Cisco Systems Inc., and the creation of the world’s only published framework for customer success management called the Practical CSM Framework. His book Practical Customer Success Management: A best practice framework for rapid generation of customer success was published in 2019 and attracts a five star rating from Amazon.

Adams’ love for technological innovation, scientific principles, and creativity has established him as one of the most respected business outcomes and Customer Success experts globally, including being named as one of SuccessCoaching’s Top 100 Customer Success Strategists in 2020, and one of SmartKarrot’s Top 50 Customer Success Influencers in 2021. Having delivered training and consultancy to many hundreds of businesses and thousands of technology professionals in over 30 countries across four continents, Adams is now based in the rural west coast of Ireland where he lives with his two dogs Zeus and Teri. His current interests include helping individuals and companies develop strategic best practices in customer success management and in business outcomes focused selling.

Marek Malinowski


Marek Malinowski comes from IT background. He has successfully run IT support company in Ireland since 2007. His company slowly progressed into digital world and since 2013 focused solely on providing digital consulting, web development and scaling ecommerce online. Website produced by Marek’s company have had multiple award nominations and also were winner The 2019 Independent Retailers Award.

In 2019 Marek & his team have dedicated themselves to developing Practical CSM training materials and online presence.
Privately Marek is very technologically driven person. His interest ranges from new emerging technologies to digital marketing trends.

Marek is also an active musician. In 2018 he released his debut album and toured for 3 months visiting over 70 location in Eastern Europe. His band was a winner of Emergenza Poland 2018.

Peter Armaly
Peter ArmalySenior Associate Contributor
Scott Morgan
Scott Morgan Head of CS Strategy
Ula Chlus
Ula ChlusGraphics Designer
Douglas Bryntse
Douglas BryntseSoftware Engineer
Gerald Gonzales
Gerald GonzalesSenior Live Event Manager
Tomo Zaidem
Tomo ZaidemWeb Developer
Madelaine Pepito
Madelaine PepitoCustomer Liaison Officer
Jinnah Dorothy Jimenez
Jinnah Dorothy JimenezProject Manager
Pabs Oblimar
Pabs OblimarJunior Web Developer
Roshan Sakola
Roshan SakolaDigital Marketing Manager

How do we help with customer success delivery?

Our Framework

The Practical CSM Framework enables customer success managers to rapidly and consistently provide best practice help and guidance to customers to assist those customers with onboarding, adopting, utilizing and measuring the value generated from the products and services they have purchased from your company. The Practical CSM Framework is free for companies to use as-is or to adapt as they see fit, and the entire framework is laid out in our book – Practical Customer Success Management: A best practice framework for managers and professionals.

Our Book

Practical Customer Success Management: A best practice framework for managers and professionals sets out our thinking on the role and importance of customer success and provides in depth explanations and discussion on how to use our best practice framework called the Practical CSM Framework. The book also includes free access to a series of downloadable templates and checklists that simplify some of the CSM’s most complex tasks and greatly increase their efficiency.
Practical Customer Service Management - A book by Rick Adams

Our Training

PracticalCSM.com sells a range of training and certification programs aimed at both existing Customer Success professionals and those who aspire to become CSMs. These include courses that explain the fundamentals of Customer Success Management best practice, that help prepare for and find your first CSM position, and that provide in depth specific learning on particular CS-related topics. Our flasghip “Certified CSM Professional” (CCSMP) training and certification program provides up to four levels of professional training and certification.

Our Consultancy

Our consultancy services are designed to provide executive business decision makers and CS leaders with the confidence needed to make the right decisions around customer success strategy, and to implement that strategy in an efficient and effective way. We recognize the need for CS both to deliver successes for your customers and to prove the ROI of its outputs to your own organization’s top executives, including the CEO and CFO. Our consultants will work with you, wherever in the world you are to create and implement the best possible CS strategy for your company.

Want to learn more?

Email us at sales@practicalcsm.com to arrange a no charge initial consultation.