Our Mission

Our goal is to help customer success leaders, individual customer success managers and those who are aspiring to join the customer success profession to make the right decisions around how to deliver customer success services to their customers. We are a small business but we operate globally, delivering our services both virtually via the Internet and in your own offices – wherever in the world you happen to be.

What is “Customer Success Management”?

If a business wants to retain its customers and have them continue to purchase more of its products and services it needs to make sure those customers attain their desired outcomes from the products and services they have already purchased. That’s what customer success is all about – helping your customers to achieve their goals through using the products and services they have purchased from your company.

Customer success management is both a philosophy and a department. It is a philosophy (or culture) because everyone within the entire company needs to become customer-centric by aligning their activities to the over-arching need to drive business success for customers within everything that the company does. It is also a department that contains professionally trained customer success managers (CSMs) who have the knowledge and skills to engage with customers to help them with onboarding, adoption, value generation and value realization (measurement) to ensure that customers attain their desired outcomes from the purchase and use of the company’s products and services.

How do we help with customer success strategy?

We work with your senior leadership team to understand your company’s unique vision for the future, its strengths, weaknesses and challenges and its current customer success offerings. Then we facilitate a two part workshop. In the first part, we brief your senior leaders on current customer success best practice and overview all of the critical issues that need to be considered when developing a customer success strategy. In the second part, we facilitate the process of brainstorming, discussion, negotiation and ultimately consensus forming to create your organization’s new customer success strategy and a high level customer success roadmap for the next three years that utilizes customer success best practices and which takes into account both your organization’s current situation and its future vision and objectives.

How do we help with customer success delivery?

Our Framework

The Practical CSM Framework enables customer success managers to rapidly and consistently provide best practice help and guidance to customers to assist those customers with onboarding, adopting, utilizing and measuring the value generated from the products and services they have purchased from your company. The Practical CSM Framework is free for companies to use as-is or to adapt as they see fit, and the entire framework is laid out in our book – Practical Customer Success Management: A best practice framework for managers and professionals.